Why People Are Joining the 18 Month Immersion!

Below are some beautiful testimonials of why people have joined the Immersion…  Will you?

Maarten Botterman:
“…I learned to appreciate the choice that comes with opening in realisation of the games, the story – and the freedom that comes with choice. What we make of our online EMC is in our own hands, and I very much appreciate the cradle offered for this continuous opening over 18 months… In gratitude, with love”.

 Ruth Bleakley-Thiessen:
“I joined this program… because I can’t imagine a much better cradle of love and holding to see behind the lies which I don’t even think I have or have not . With all you beautiful souls I know I will face the truth and be able to meet pain and happiness full face on. 18 months seems like half a lifetime, but then we’re carrying so much “stuff” with us, this seems to be the right kind of immersion to heal and become whole.”

Samada Riedel:
“…It might sound strange, but what gave me the last kick to join this group , was the recognition, that the reasons why I should NOT join this group, were nothing but rationalizations… This leaves me excited to bust some more old comfort zones, and to stretch out further into the freedom I am.

…I am looking forward to dive in this immersion, with fellow travelers who share the same longing for honesty, directness and exposure. I have no doubt that we are embarking on an adventure into freedom together and that we will have a ball doing so…

What is here now, is the understanding, that this commitment is nothing but a gift to myself and that I may use it freely to my own benefit and for the benefit of those who share this with me. “

Meira Rice Golbert:
“…What better than an 18 month program where I don’t have to travel but still have the opportunity to work with Kevin again and possibly work one-on -one with some of you!”

Danielle Ribs :
“I immediately signed up for the 18 months Virtual Immersion after the Enneagram Retreat as I feel that every time I dive with my fellow Truth lovers in the depths of our beings, we become such better humans, for ourselves and others. My happiness levels rise and my empathy & love for others and myself deepen. I feel a connection that remains for weeks… and then I need a process for reconnecting. The monthly calls will allow me to keep the flow and connection…”

 Liza Hindmarch:
“I signed up because NOT to would have been allowing my ego, enneagram fixations and fears to run the show….
…I was delighted and scared all at the same time when this 18 months virtual immersion was offered. Scared is good…..it’s my sign that my ego is frantically trying to stop me heading for places it can’t go! Freedom….Bring It On!…”

Lars Hornborg:
“For me the decision to sign up for the virtual EMC is a natural next step in deepening my understanding of the Enneagram – recognising the games, learning how to treat both myself and others to best meet unmet needs. These tools ar essential on both a personal and business level – the understanding and application of these teachings makes me a better coach, change facilitator and leader, as well as growing my compassion for myself and those around me.”

Cynde Edwards Sawyer:
“When I signed up for the immergence class I was seeking answers and looking for a way to live my life. Always have I been searching. The searching stopped at the master class [retreat]. No answers are needed. Nothing is missing. It does not matter what drives are moving me or what fears show up. Under it all is that which cannot come and go. Life is lived on the surface of this deep stream of whatever IT is. There are no words for this. It just is.”

Iris Furer:
“During the EMC Enneagramm Masterclass in Mennorode last Sept 2013, Kevin had once asked us something similar to this: to ask ourselves where this Ego pattern made itself felt in our health, in our body. This was one of the many key questions and experiences to me during these days. I’ve not only lost some kilos during that week, yet ever since then I feel this fierce healthy strength in my body around my bones and muscles, coming from the inside out. What I formerly & unconsciously believed to be true shattered into pieces, I was newly born and this carries on till today, every day anew. I’ve joined EMC-VI to be part of this ongoing, never ending opening into freedom, choice, love and mutual growing in this..”

Carolina Bookless:
“Oh my! I am joining the Immersion because, since the Masterclass in Denver last month, I now see how I have lived my whole life so completely from self-preservation. It was such an OMG moment! It blew my mind and the waves of awareness of just how deeply that has run continue to humble me. And, I am so done with playing the games of small and fearsome and armoured. I am choosing to come out and play in life’s full spectrum from a place of alignment with radical self-love and honouring so that I can fulfill what I am really here for. Whatever that is. I know it will arise and flow from this commitment to live in alignment with Who I Really Am and to honour what I am feeling in each moment – no hiding.”

I feel soooo blessed to have this opportunity to bask in the support and kindredness of this global intentional community and I look forward to meeting you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kevin for sharing your wisdom from your own journey to this great place!

…I look forward to shedding and opening and delayering and discovering with everyone. Love, gratitude and joy are huge in my heart! Xoxo

Rosario Londono:
At the EMC the realization that stopping everything and just sitting still in whatever arose has been transformational in so many ways I have found it difficult to explain. A simple STOP- STOP seeking, stop, analyzing, stop trying, stop everything …allowing the veil to be lifted from that which is not the truth.

All these years I have been in terror of losing my mind and feeling that it was inevitable. Inside there was always the inconsistency of feeling a pull so strong to go out and create, innovate, share, bring people together, experience adventure and see possibility and the best of what could happen and those possibilities were beyond what most could imagine and then…at the same time a fierce need to pull-back, protect, stay alert, go to worst case scenario, prepare, not trust… My mind was at war with self constantly and so were my actions. Driving myself and everyone around me ‘crazy’- not knowing what to expect…. and who would show up- and most often what did show-up was self-sabotage, self-recrimination and hatred for ‘being’ so inconsistent…

Realizing what was underneath those behaviors and where they were coming from has been freeing beyond words. I look forward to these 18 months of going deeper and letting go of more of these impossible binds, understanding others better and just STOPPING…. so much gratitude …for this opportunity and to my fellow searchers of truth- big hugs, R”

Ivana Medvedova:
“I have been in love with the Enneagram for some 12-13 years now. Realizing how it went way beyond the mind at the No Ego retreat left me speechless and I was enjoying every single second of that week wishing it would never stop.

Now I have the opportunity to continue and this time it will last full 18 months!”

 Shauli Paz-Yaniv:
Imagine a place where there are:
Beautiful loving people;
Where you could heal yourself and grow.
Where you could face one on one and truly meet your soul.
A place where you can feel connected to love, god, grace and creation itself.
A place where you can develop so much that you can change the strings of your DNA.
A place so adventures where you can find about your secrets, all about life secrets and even about the universe secrets.

…I have come familiar with the words and the meaning of love, gratitude, trust, and the best gift of all god and the endless grace which is around us.
I am so happy to take part in this with such loving beautiful people, who share the same desire as I do.
I am so happy I have this opportunity to jump into the unknown, steer the pot and see what comes up.
I pray to meet the unknown and feel with all my senses the energy vibes of my soul and of the universe.
…I really feel that through the change in me the world is changing!!!
After all we are all connected.
Lots of love and good luck for all of us, Shauli