We are sorry, this course is now closed
until further notice.


Given by Kevin Billett

Co-hosted by Bet-Diening Weatherston, Victoria Lichtman and Yosi Kossowsky

This is the first time Kevin Billett has offered the Enneagram teaching in a virtual format. The same material from the retreat, plus more, is spread out over 18 months. This will allow us to delve even deeper into the various aspects of the Enneagram.

This virtual program can be accessed from the comfort of your home. It is for those who can not attend the live retreat or choose to augment the retreat experience with this powerful time together.

This will include:

  • 18 months study and interaction with Kevin – a life changing experience in itself.
  • Twice a month live online sessions with Kevin. Replays of all sessions will be available
  • Accountability Groups to support and empower each other as well as share 1:1 process work
  • A Membership Site to access the replays of the live sessions, process scripts and all other paper work
  • Access to a private Facebook group to share questions/realizations/celebrations…with like minded people around the world with a deep desire for self discovery


Registration closed May 4, 2014.

Please contact support@enneagrammasterclass.com for questions and/or support.

Virtual Immersion Start Date: 
May 7, 2014
(Introduction session on April 30!)

Only 3200 people worldwide are eligible to join us in this program. This is a special opportunity to be part of an exclusive group as we spend the next 18 months together delving into our deepest levels of personal truth as life continues to unfold.

There is magic that happens the first time a course like this is given and you can be part of it.

It will only happen every 3 years.


Please note these special pricing considerations, before registering for these programs below:

*We have a discount for couples. Please contact us!
*For anyone who has taken the Enneagram Masterclass Retreat anywhere in the world please contact us for your special pricing for the 18 Month Virtual Immersion. Please specify where you took the Retreat.