18 Month Virtual Immersion:
Your Facilitator and Hosts

Kevin Billett Visionary Leadership
Kevin Billett: Founder and Facilitator

For some 17 years Brandon and I have immersed ourselves in the profound teachings of the Enneagram as a tool for awakening and healing. And over those years we have had the unique privilege of organically learning – by our own direct experience of working at the deepest level with course participants and clients – some of the extraordinary secrets the model has to reveal about the veils of the ego, and how best to focus our direct enquiries and process work to realize Freedom and to unlock the body’s extraordinary innate healing capabilities.

Over time, the Enneagram has progressively revealed its mysteries and hidden truths by facilitating ever-deepening liberation, transformation and radical healing. In recent years I have often been asked to design a course to explore and reveal the deeper and hidden depths of the Enneagram’s teaching for use in Journey practices.

I am delighted to offer this new course. I look forward to sharing these next 18 months together as the teachings of the Enneagram become an integral part of how we consciously show up in life.


Bet Picture
Bet Diening-Weatherston
Co-Host for 18 Month Virtual Immersion

In the past I truly believed that it was my responsibility to fix and save others from their problems and issues so they could become happier. It became a full time job that had me looking at others and not my own issues.

In 2008 I became fully immersed in Kevin Billett’s Visionary Leadership Programme and fell in love with the dynamics of the Enneagram. My passion for truth over-rode my fears of facing the games and strategies I had unwittingly adopted for ‘saving’ others from themselves. Instead I have learned that the only person I can change is me.

I am a presenter for Visionary Leadership and have worked extensively with Kevin in a variety of settings. I have experienced the freedom that comes when I face the strategies of avoidance and their associated emotions. I understand how subtle and pervasive these patterns can be and I have learned that when I choose to get real, I am then at conscious choice.

The Enneagram Masterclass Virtual Immersion Program provides us all the opportunity to learn the intricacies of this model. Being in the company of fellow lovers of truth gives us the forum in which this inspiration for freedom can be manifest.

I look forward to diving into this work with everyone and sharing the experiences of conscious choice together. Humanity deserves to shift toward a healthier and more positive existence… I intend to inspire this choice in others.


Victoria Lichtman
Co-Host for 18 Month Virtual Immersion

I have been deeply involved with The Journey and then the Visionary Leadership programs since 2007.  They have both been life changing for me.

During the VL program, I became deeply inspired to bring this work to the world and founded Nightly Healing (www.NightlyHealing.com).  Since then, it has developed into an international outreach for peace and healing in the world.  With the opening Kevin provided, I discovered true passion and purpose.  I now live a life empowering people to choose awareness and purpose; to develop their own spiritual understanding and to take control of their own healing and lives…to discover who they are and all they can be.

Diving into the Enneagram has allowed me to face my self hatred, face my neediness and reveal the layers of the image that so cleverly hid me.  It is a deep privilege to be involved with the Enneagram Masterclass and a special opportunity to bring everything…all the tools I’ve learned and all my love…to this community that means so much to me.  I am honored to walk this path with you.

My deep intention is to create a loving, safe and welcoming space for you…so we may all be inspired to dive deep enough to remember and live the truth of who we are… beyond the illusion of this human experience.


Yosi Kossowsky
Technical Engineer

Yosi has been practicing complementary healing techniques for over 10 years and is trained in EFT (tapping), NLP, kinesiology, The Lifeline Technique and The Journey.  He is a certified Conscious Leadership coach and motivational speaker who regularly gives seminars in stress reduction skills, leadership development, change management and employee motivation.  By day, Yosi works for a hi-tech company as an engineer and maintains a therapy practice called Dancing With Life coaching.