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The Enneagram Masterclass


Kevin Billett Visionary Leadership

Kevin Billett
Founder and Facilitator

The Enneagram Masterclass was born from the years of Kevin’s direct experience of working with the Enneagram model at the deepest level with course participants and clients. Over time, the Enneagram progressively revealed its mysteries and hidden truths by facilitating ever-deepening liberation, transformation and radical healing – both for Kevin and for the many he has worked with.

The course brings us the extraordinary secrets that were revealed about the veils of the ego and how best to focus our direct enquiries and process work to realize Freedom and to unlock the body’s extraordinary innate healing capabilities.

This is not an intellectual or analytical course. It is a time of authentic exploration, a time of realizing by means of our own direct experience the true nature of the Self.  It is time now to surrender to what the Enneagram has to reveal to each of us, time to dive deeply into the absolute Freedom that is our essential true nature.

 These courses are available ONLY to No Ego Grads, those who have completed the Journey Practitioner Program or those who have completed the Visionary Leadership Program. They will only be offered every 3 years.